Month: January 2016

No Place to Hide

The NSA employs 30,000 people but also engages 60,000 contractors.  A full 70% of the US Intelligence budget is spent by the private sector through about 80 corporations.  

Intelligence Elsewhere

An agenda for the comparative study of intelligence: Yet another missing dimension

Is Resistance Futile?

Framing resistance challenges assumptions that opposition to surveillance is nearly always framed through a traditional civil liberties lens.

The End of Secrecy

After all, what did the Cold War teach us, if not the fundamental instability of closed regimes?

Cultures of Spying

The left was suspicious of the CIA , “not because it advanced American values, but because it stood in contradiction to them.”

The Spy Catcher Trial

ASIO and Defence saw this as a chance to show their loyalty to Britain and the western intelligence “club”.

Between the Eyes

Increasingly, those who control technology control information, and those who control information, manage consent

The Agony of Power & From Domination to Hegemony

We are exiting a system of domination (slavery, obedience, alienation) and entering into expansive world of hegemony in which everyone becomes hostage and accomplice of the global power